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September 6 - 8
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With numerous sessions and speakers, The Sellers Conference has content for new online sellers and experienced gurus.

The Sellers Conference

Welcome to The Sellers’ Conference!

Why Should You Attend?

•TSC is focused on busy small business entrepreneurs and family businesses
•Featured in Forbes as one of the top 11 entrepreneurial conferences in 2016.
•We bring the best experts together for you
•We have a proven track record of increased sales for sellers
•Our speakers, well-known and respected in the online selling industry, will give you step by step info on making more money and saving valuable time.

The Sellers’ Conference (formerly SCOE) is the longest continuous and most well-respected conference for online sellers. Established in 2006, we understand that businesses must adapt or die and we’re here to help! Our speakers and exhibitors keep you absolutely current with trends, technologies and inside info, so you’ll stay ahead of the competition and insure your ongoing business success.

Join our community as we explore new and innovative opportunities that will help you grow your online business.

September 6-8, 2017 | Motif Hotel in Downtown Seattle

Rhonda Schneider

Rhonda Schneider, The Sellers Conference Founder

The Sellers’ Conference (formerly SCOE) is the oldest continuously running ecommerce event. We consistently host a strong roster of speakers that have a proven track record of helping sellers grow their business.

What Will You Gain From Your Experience at The Sellers Conference?

Confidence – Our speakers, many of them successful online sellers themselves, will cut through the noise and confusion, so you don’t have to waste time and money on things that aren’t optimal for you. 

Insight – Meet several ex-Amazonians who can clue you in on what Amazon is planning and doing, so you can plan ahead and avoid unpleasant surprises. Let them show you how to make your seller account suspension resistant, and teach you what to do if you fall afoul of the Big River. 

Collaboration – Meet and network with other sellers who have experienced many of the same issues and challenges as you. Form career-long partnerships with our fantastic community of sellers and experts.

Expertise – Talk to our exhibitors in Vendorland and learn about products and services created just for you. Save time and money as you incorporation solutions for automation, shipping and other areas of concern to sellers.