Writing a Five-Page Paper Quickly

Although writing a five-page paper may seem an easy task, it is not that easy. The are many requirements you need to include as a writer to make the paper complete. If you are a student and researching the best hack to use when writing a five-page essay, then keep reading.

The five-page paper is the final draft of detailed research on a given topic. The main challenge lies between researching the content and organizing the work in a good flow. Again, you need to be creative enough to include relevant ideas that match the topic requirements.

When you get the assignment, you need to schedule an appropriate time for each task that you need to accomplish. The process involves three phases, which include pre-writing, writing, then post-writing. Every step has its requirements and a procedure to follow.

  • Pre-Writing Tips

This stage involves getting all the ideas together before you start writing your paper. You need to allocate the time required to accomplish each task. If you want to succeed, stay disciplined. Avoid issues with procrastination.

At this stage, you will brainstorm ideas, including thinking widely on the topic and embracing creative thinking. You need to brainstorm enough at this point so that you save more time when writing the actual content. When brainstorming, you can walk or sit in a calm and relaxed environment and think about the topic. Think of questions such as the following:

  1. What is the need for writing on the subject?
  2. Are there any challenges related to the topic?
  3. What is the best approach to the challenges?
  4. Is the topic quite common?
  5. Where will I get adequate resources?

Also, you need to create an outline at the pre-writing stage. The plan is a simplified guideline that directs you on all the points you need to include in your research paper. It saves you time and concentrate on writing instead of thinking of ideas. Do not limit yourself. An outline isn’t the final work. You can change it as you want.

  • Writing

The main activity lies in the writing stage. You need to use your outline adequately when creating the content. Arrange all your points in order, starting with the strongest. Also, remember to put all the requirements of the lecturer in place. You can get the content from the library or online platforms. You need to ensure your content matches the topic. While researching, write down the resources you use so that you can re-read them later when you need verification. Again, it is not a must you use all the resources you get. If you realize some information isn’t relevant to the main subject, you can do it away.

Note: When researching from online platforms, search for verified sources that have accurate information. If you do not get something, ask your professor for further assistance. When writing the real paper, ensure the following:

  1. The title should be relevant to the subject matter
  2. The intro must have the thesis statement
  3. The body needs to have several paragraphs, each explaining a different point.
  4. Conclude by stressing your thesis statement and include your findings in a summary form.
  • Post Writing Tips

This is the final stage when writing your paper. You have everything in order, but you can’t submit the work yet. You need to re-read your work and check for possible errors and typos. Do not give the professor a hard time trying to understand different points in your paper.

Ensure the paper matches the instructions, such as the font type & size, line spacing options, and citation style. You must deliver what the professor asked you to.