How To Write an Excellent Research Paper Abstract

Students have to come up with a research paper, especially at the end of their degree programs, to qualify them for their careers or the next level of education. As such, it proves crucial for students to put in the work when developing their research piece. But amidst the thousands of research you write, most professors and readers will concentrate on the abstract.

An abstract entails a rapid and easy-to-read highlight that gives the gist of the paper without providing all the necessary details. It enumerates why the research got conducted, its findings, and the implication of the findings. Because of this, it can prove a brilliant way of synthesizing a significant amount of research words into a paragraph. It also provides researchers with a perfect mechanism for highlighting key areas or points of the research.

Components of an Excellent Research Abstract

Research abstracts typically come as a single paragraph containing a hundred to one hundred and fifty words. An abstract should contain the objective of the topic and the paper as a whole.  It has to have the research, data, methods used, research findings, and significance. So how can you write a brilliant research abstract?

The best way to learn sometimes lie with getting fresh perspectives from another person’s work. Because of this, it would not hurt to see the sample below.

Research Abstract Sample

Male Addiction to Video Games and College Performance

The research explored the gaming usage and addiction on male college learners and examined the implication of video game compulsion concerning college engagement, GPA, and alcohol and drug violations within the college campus. The participants of the study included four-hundred and seventy-seven male freshmen at the college of liberal arts. A week before the commencement of lectures, participants got two surveys canvassing the expected university engagement and video game use, including a video gaming addiction measure. The results of the study suggested that gaming addiction had a negative correlation with the expected engagement in college and the GPA. The video game compulsion also has a negative correlation with alcohol and drug violations in the initial year of college. Results get discussed looking at the implication of learner engagement and accomplishment in college, and by way of construct validity when it comes to gaming addiction.

It becomes apparent in the research abstract concerning male video game compulsion provided that information follows a specific formal structure.

For instance, the initial sentence gives the research subject. It then follows it up with a breakdown of the participants in the experiment and how it got conducted. The two ultimate sections discuss the relationship between video gaming and college engagement, besides the validity of video gaming compulsion. Further, you will also note the past tense used when it comes to the wording of the abstract.


The research abstract proves an excellent way of giving a short overview of the research to the immediate and global readers. The abstract highlights the subject getting researched, what type of methods got used, and what outcomes the researcher realized from the study. So if you want to develop a competent research abstract, then considering all, if not some, of the guidelines illustrated from the sample, can become useful.